Ever wanted to see one of the seven ancient wonders of the world? Then check out the Alexandria City Discovery Tour in Cairo, Egypt.

See Ancient Wonders on an Alexandria City Discovery Tour
See Ancient Wonders on an Alexandria City Discovery Tour
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Explore and discover ancient Greece and begin it with Alexandria City Discovery Tour. See what was once one of the greatest cities in ancient Greece. Admire at ancient ruins including the famous Catacomb, The Citadel, and the Great Alexandria Library. See marvelous relics of the underwater Roman ruins at a nearby National Museum. And of course, you’ll get to see one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world, the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

With a 10-hour long tour with Alexandria City Discovery Tour, you’ll be visiting most or probably all of the sights you need to visit in Alexandria City. Explore the magnificent ancient Greece and learn the history behind it. See Greek architecture and its origin. With a local, informative, friendly and an English speaking guide, you’ll definitely have a memorable time in Cairo, Egypt. Although a family tour is most welcome, children under 6 years old are not permitted on the tour.

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