Destination weddings can be as luxurious or simple as the bridal couple desires and they are within reach for those with budgets of all sizes.

Top 10 Advantages of a Destination Wedding
Top 10 Advantages of a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be as large or small as your guest list requires and offers many more benefits to you, your family and friends. Here are the top 10 advantages brought to you by Air Canada Vacations.

  1. Less stress! No worries about where everyone is going to stay, where to eat, changing venues for the reception—everything’s happening at the resort.
  2. Go easy on yourself and take full advantage of the services and experience of your own resort wedding planner, commonly included with your package.
  3. Be creative! There is no limit to the event you can create. Try a tropical theme, incorporate local traditions, whatever you want.
  4. You can keep things casual, which means everyone is more comfortable.
  5. Your wedding is also a vacation, which means friends and family get to spend some fun time together before and after the ceremony.
  6. No need to choose between his hometown or yours.
  7. Your family would travel to your wedding, why not invite them to somewhere exotic.
  8. Grooms will happily help in the planning of a destination wedding, including activities and exciting excursions for your guests.
  9. You’ll save money because all-inclusive packages often work out cheaper.
  10. Your honeymoon starts the minute you say “I do!”

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