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Uniglobe Travel’s Access More virtual itinerary alleviates “air-wear and risks”

Uniglobe Travel’s Access More virtual itinerary alleviates “air-wear and risks”

Real-time virtual traveller support increases security and peace of mind


Vancouver, BC – Uniglobe Travel has launched its Access More virtual Itinerary – a real-time support tool that reduces travel risk and keeps travellers up-to-date on the latest changes affecting their trip schedules as they happen.


The Access More virtual itinerary contains all the information a traveller needs in one constantly updating email – advising of flight updates and delays, the latest travel advisories, and destination-focused news alerts. Uniglobe has introduced Access More to help travellers deal with an industry that has become increasingly fragmented and complex, following watershed events such as the SARS outbreak and 9/11, plus an increasing number of self-service travel booking options


“The increased fragmentation of the travel industry has undoubtedly placed more stress on travellers who are constantly at risk of unforeseen changes,” said Peter Knowlton, Agency Development Manager at Uniglobe Western Canada. “The number of essential things to think about before travelling is overwhelming for many travellers. The Access More virtual itinerary will help to make travel simple and enjoyable again, so the business traveller can make their meeting on time and the leisure traveller can spend more quality vacation time with their family.”


Each time a traveller opens their Access More itinerary, they are instantly connected with up-to-the-minute information so they are aware of any unforeseen problems – giving them all their various travel options ‘virtually’ and in one place, including:


  • Destination travel alerts
  • Weather advisories
  • Online flight check-in
  • Advance seat selection
  • Sightseeing tours and transfers


Access More’s key elements are the real-time updates which provide travellers with the latest news, information and travel advisory warnings about their destination, particularly those related to travel such as airport news headlines and transportation strikes. Key information is also provided on destination entry requirements, embassy contact details, and local laws and customs.


“Our travel agencies are seeing that their travellers are becoming more motivated by security and peace of mind – knowing that the best value is not just about the best price but about knowing all the potential hidden costs of travel,” said Knowlton. “Access More will help alleviate air-wear, risks and lost time and money as a result of travellers not being prepared for the unexpected by knowing what might happen in advance. We believe the informed traveller is the well-rested traveller.”


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