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Clark Travel
710-18th Street Thomas Mall
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 5B5 Canada
Phone (204) 727-2212
Fax (204)-726-5936


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7*24 Uniglobe Rescue Line

This service provides toll free telephone access to a UNIGLOBE Travel Consultant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are served by a Rescue Line agent, they will access our Computer Reservation System files directly, including your corporate travel policy and traveller profiles. We are automatically informed of all changes, new bookings, cancellations, etc. completed by them on your behalf.

UNIGLOBE Rescue Line agents can provide:
Easy itinerary changes, anytime
Immediate ticketing, anytime, anywhere
Lost luggage retrieval services
Lost credit card reporting and replacement support
Help with any kind of unexpected travel problems

Available in several languages, from anywhere in the world, the toll-free UNIGLOBE 7*24 Rescue Line will also assist you with nearly any requirement; from simple reservations to reclaiming lost luggage or contacting someone back home.



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