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Reducing flight carbon emissions with UNIGLOBE

UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program

UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program is one of the ways you can support Environment Canada's green house emission reduction goals.


       Calculate and purchase credits


How the program works
Every time you travel you can purchase carbon offset certificates from UNIGLOBE Travel. The monies collected are then invested in sustainable technology projects in Canada as approved by the Environmental Choice Program.

What exactly is the Issue?

Air travel accounts for approximately 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that by 2050, emissions from global air travel will account for 5% of the total human climate change impact.

Air travel causes the release of more than 600 million tonnes of the world's major greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere each year.


Air travellers obviously contribute to greenhouse gas emissions by having to fly, often out of sheer geographic necessity and the tourism industry finds they leave a larger footprint on the environment than they'd wish. With growing public awareness of sustainability both locally and abroad increasing pressure is being placed on the tourism industry to deliver a solution that creates sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and the industry as a whole.


The Opportunity

Canada's only aircraft greening program is the Green Flight Program by Vancouver based UNIGLOBE Travel (Western Canada) Inc.

Launched this year, the program provides an opportunity for the airlines passengers to purchase carbon credits in order to offset a portion of the CO2 that is emitted by an aircraft during their flight.


"We want to make sure we have an opportunity to address what has now become a very clearly stated need of our customers to do their traveling more responsibly", says company president Michelle Desreux.


By first visiting UNIGLOBE Travel's website, an airline passenger can not only calculate but also purchase the amount of carbon credits they need to offset their portion of CO2 produced. The calculations are based on three things:

- the mileage of the flight
flight-related CO2 emission data from Environmental Canada: and

- the average cost of carbon credits purchased by UNIGLOBE Travel's program partner Baseline Emissions Management Inc.

 UNIGLOBE Travel Green Flight Program

How much does it cost?

Our customers can offset as much or as little carbon emissions as they like. For instance a return flight from Vancouver to Toronto would cost as little as $22.75 to offset the emissions created from one traveller flying.


Investment in Sustainable Technologies

Carbon offset credits purchased through UNIGLOBE Travel's Green Flight Program are invested in Western Canadian projects that meet the criteria set out by Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program. Environmentally friendly projects such as wind power, producing a continuous stream of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Click to visit the Environmental Choice program


UNIGLOBE Green Flight, Every ounce counts!

Click here to request more information



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